The Only Christmas Party Of The Year

Last Friday F1 & Ross hosted a pseudo-Christmas party; i.e. a get together with the premise that everyone attending had to bring decorations for their tree. This was, of course, simply their way of being cheap and avoiding decorating their own tree. :P (though in their defence they did get the lights themselves)

That was pretty cool.. took a while to get started – with me being the first person there, twenty minutes late – but in the end attendance was exemplar. A few familiar faces, many un-, such as the ever-elusive Tom, the missing third of the Ross & F1 trio, whom had driven up from L.A. for the weekend.

I did have to laugh though at the general lack of mingling between social groups. Eventually F2, Emily & Kevin bailed with the excuse that they had to go home and check their rampster, which was an insulting shallow lie. :P

After a while F1 fired up Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii and went on with that, single player, for a while… it was mildly amusing for those few still left at that point, but I refrained from indulging my geeky instincts and ignored that in favour of chatting with Ross & Tom.

My contribution to the tree was a bunch of Christmas-wrapped boxes, some containing assortments of exciting Christmasy gifts such as newspaper, packing bags and smaller boxes. I could only dig up seven, in the end, of reasonable size, although luckily that was just enough to get the look going, under the tree. It did improve the overall aesthetic markedly, so I count it as a raging success.

That aside, the weekend was uneventful. I went into work for part of Saturday (voluntarily, to get some stuff moving a bit faster), did all the washing I’ve been neglecting for weeks, and thought very seriously about doing some vacuuming too. ;)

I was tempted to go for a quick ride, as it was by appearance a beautiful day – nothing but blue skies – but alas, I knew already that it’s all a lie, a Californian facadé; despite the day’s sunny disposition, it was invariably bloody cold out. Thus why I’m also still driving to work everyday, rather than riding, even though it’s dry; by the time I leave it’s hours after sunset and just walking to my car is annoying enough.

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