Adobe Photoshop Lightroom doesn’t support Adobe Photoshop files

I need a ‘facepalm’ category apparently.  There’s been a lot of that lately. You cannot import, let-alone work on, Photoshop files (“PSB” file extension) in Lightroom.  It flat-out doesn’t support them.  That’s such a weird limitation & oversight, for a program that Adobe now officially names ‘Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’. See also this six year old… Read more

Rotated Windows

Rotated Windows example screenshot

I’d forgotten about this until I stumbled across a reference to it again recently. This was a little hack I worked on back in 2004, with Mac OS X Tiger (10.4).  Yes, kids, macOS was called Mac OS X back in ye Olden Times. Wow, Slashdot looked even uglier than I remember, back then.  Though… Read more

Flinging poo in Swift

Thanks to one of the genuine upsides of Swift, full Unicode support in the compiler itself, you can do: Finally you can express yourself honestly within your program: Or, if you prefer to be polite & British about it: You can go further, if you like, and have all manner of interesting things thrown about… Read more

Keyboard autocompletes

Apparently if you get bored enough you start just playing with the keyboards installed on your iPad.  Those that have the suggestion bar at the top can make some interesting ‘poetry’.  You just keep tapping in the same place, or in some simple pattern across the N suggestions.  Some are just bemusing drunk gibberish, but… Read more

Photo gallery services

I recently needed to find a photo gallery service, as though I put my personal & favourite work on Flickr, I don’t necessarily want to mix in other photography I do, plus Flickr makes it irrationally difficult to control access to photos (specifically, to arbitrary people or groups thereof). I also wanted, ideally, something that… Read more

Papa’s got a brand new bag [of strings]

While wandering Haight Street yesterday with my parents I nipped into a music store there and, finally, grabbed some new strings for my guitar. After what seemed like hours fighting with the damn thing, I got them on. More or less. I’m pretty sure my technique is whacked, but it appears to work. More or… Read more

Downside, upside

My guitar has been sitting beside the desk here for weeks now, and while I have occasionally picked it up to play the entire five bars I can remember, it was hopelessly out of tune and until last night I hadn’t gotten around to tuning it. Seeing as how I’d completely forgotten how to tune… Read more