Yosemite management: surprisingly, not buttholes

Marisa & I had booked, nearly two months ago, a campsite in Yosemite for this weekend. We’d been looking forward to it greatly. And then this Hantavirus “outbreak” is announced, and gets worse over the weekend – more deaths, more confirmed cases, more suspect areas of the park – and, well shit. After much consternation,… Read more


Each year my department at Google runs a ski trip. Just for fun. Well, there’s a obligatory dinner with a raffle and the usual sort of stuff like that, but otherwise actual fun. This year it’s at Squaw. I’ve been to Squaw once before, but only for dinner; never skiied, on the basis that it’s… Read more

Myke’s travelling family

Many many weeks back now, Myke invited me to take some relatives of his (Marie and name-escapes-me-now), over from Norway (I think it was), on a wee tour of the place. Santa Cruz, as it turned out. With Matt too. We went down there, checked out the board walk, convinced them to try all too… Read more

Sean & Sket

Two weeks ago Sean & Sket arrived, having already spent a couple of weeks touring around California and Nevada with Sean’s family, and before that eight months backpacking in Asia. This was their last stop before heading on to Canada, where they are presently, and where they’re hoping to make a go of it on… Read more


’bout time I wrote this up, I suppose. Some months I’m just not in the mood for writing. Then I sit down abruptly and spend four hours doing it. Go figure. It was a lot more continuous when I was back in Oz and had more immediate feedback from people. Or just social contact in… Read more