How to follow this website


This is generally the best option. The feeds provide the full text of each post, so you don’t necessarily even have to leave your RSS reader to read them (although the formatting and general aesthetics are usually better here on my actual website, than in most RSS readers, and posts with interactive elements, such as quizzes, generally won’t work in RSS readers).

You may also follow only a subset of the posts. In addition to the RSS feed icon main feed, which contains all posts, there are individual feeds for every category (and tag1), e.g.:

Those are the most active categories, but there are more – generally if you visit a category’s page on this website, take its URL, and put it into your RSS reader, your reader will automatically find the feed – if not, just add “/feed/” to the end of the URL, manually.

☝️ Some posts appear under more than one category.

You can also subscribe to RSS feed icon all comments. It is possible to subscribe to comments for individual posts, by either adding the post’s URL into your RSS reader or (failing that) manually adding “/feed/” to the end of the post URL.


You can receive an email for every new post, containing almost the full2 content of the post.

Fediverse (e.g. Mastodon)

You can follow all posts in your Fediverse client of choice. The Fediverse feed does not contain the contents of the posts3, only their title & tags, with a link to the full post here on the website.

  1. I generally discourage use of the tag feeds, as I use tags more for quick reference and SEO than as a rigorous categorisation system. There are also a lot of tags, most of which appear on only a single post, so following those in particular is probably pointless. ↩︎
  2. Other than footnotes. ↩︎
  3. Not really by my choice – it’s just that Mastodon is the dominant player in the Fediverse and it doesn’t really support anything but Twitter style plain-text messages. I tried forcing my posts into a form it can work with, but they looked terrible and many were unreadable due to the lack of formatting (e.g. no lists, no code blocks, no headings, nothing – just a giant wall of undifferentiated text 😔). ↩︎