Men Can’t Communicate?

This entry in Brett’s blog pointed out a rather antagonising (but subtly true) article from, which can be found here. The article’s pretty self-explanatory, so go read it. My favourite bits, though, are: When she says, “It’s your decision,” what she really means is, “You’d better know what I really want and give it… Read more

Blogging your way to unemployment

So the New York Times is running an article For Some, Online Persona Undermines a Résumé (soul-sucking registration possibly required), talking about the apparently growing trend in employers consulting Google, MySpace, LiveJounral, Facebook and similar sites when reviewing graduating applicants. In summary: employers are turned off by poorly written rants on the writers’ most recent… Read more

ISP Data Retention

So here’s some more crap on data retention by ISPs. In this particular case, the attorney general of the U.S.A. is telling ISPs they should voluntarily record the last two years of data from all their customers. Ahuh. Let’s just see how the maths work out on that… Let’s be super conservative first up. Let’s… Read more

Improv Everywhere strikes again!

For those who aren’t up on the Slashdot archives, the Improv Everywhere movement is just a bunch of people who get together to do weird and crazy things occasionally. Their latest escapade is particularly good – they managed to get together 80 people (how I envy their organisational skills), all dressed up like employees of… Read more

Revolutionary file & print sharing… wtf?

Okay, so, this is just too bad to let by. ComputerWorld are all excited by the newly redesigned file & print sharing in Vista. The details are here. Now, I was genuinely curious how things were being changed. About half way through the article, however, I became suspicious. For example, the Documents and Settings folder… Read more