Multiple displays on a Mac sucks

So many people I’ve worked with have used multiple displays – typically a matched pair side-by-side – and sworn by them. It’s always mystified me, to be honest. I’ve attempted the multi-display lifestyle a few times over the last thirty years. At first as a bourgeois indulgence, back when even having a single 17″ display… Read more

Apple antitrust & music piracy

The position of many folks – most recently the U.S. Department of Justice – against Apple has drawn an unexpected parallel to that of music pirates in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. If you’re too young to have personally lived that time, just know this key point: back then, buying or streaming music online… Read more

A perfect little feature: Universal Clipboard

Apple product photo for Universal Clipboard, showing an iPhone next to a MacBook Pro, with an image selected on the iPhone and 'Copy' highlighted in the pop-up menu, and that same image in a Pages document on the Mac, implying it was just pasted there.

Perhaps in karmic balance of my previous post critical of one of Apple’s APIs, I want to highlight an Apple OS feature that I use every day, that ironically is so simple, obvious, and reliable that I almost never stop to appreciate it. Universal Clipboard basically just means you can copy something on one device… Read more