Apple Vision Pro first impressions

Apple PR photo of the Apple Vision Pro viewed from the front.

This morning I tested out Apple’s Vision Pro in an Apple Store. And I’ve decided to write about it, mostly for my own future nostalgia, but also because my experience was markedly different to what’s been widely reported in tech news. I had intended to just buy an Apple Vision Pro on release day, but… Read more

Swift code syntax highlighting in WordPress

ContentsBaseline: XcodeCommon limitation: no Light/Dark mode supportThe contestantsCode Block ProPerformanceProsConsCodeColorerPerformanceCode Syntax BlockPerformanceProsConsEnlighterPerformanceProsConsHighlighting Code BlockPerformanceProsConsPrismaticSyntax-highlighting Code Block (with Server-side Rendering)PerformanceProsConsSyntaxHighlighter EvolvedPerformanceProsConsUrvanov Syntax HighlighterPerformanceProsConsThe winnerWhat are other websites using? The built-in “code” block for WordPress (the CMS I use for this site) is virtually useless – it’s just a <pre> block, essentially. The appearance may vary depending… Read more

Apple Watch Ultra 2 does not support scuba air integration

Symbolic image of an air integration transmitter, an Apple Watch Ultra, and a broken heart between them

This is a follow-up to my earlier review of the Apple Watch Ultra & Oceanic+ app, prompted by the fact that “apple watch ultra air integration” is one of the top search queries that brings traffic to my website. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 changed essentially nothing about the underwater capabilities of the Apple Watch… Read more

Amazon increasingly blocking critical reviews

A while back I wrote a review on Amazon for the movie Fury. Long story short it’s one of the most disturbing movies I’ve seen in a long time, with cavalier depictions of murder, torture, and rape, but most disturbing of all, a weird Nazi-sympathising subtext. I couldn’t decide if that aspect was editorially brave… Read more

Apple Watch Ultra is a poor dive computer

Note: this was written in 2021 (and updated in 2022) based on version 1 of the Oceanic+ app. In September 2023 version 2 of that app was released, and it appears to have fixed quite a few limitations (e.g. you can finally export your log book, as a standard UDDF file). Once I’ve gathered some… Read more