Blog like it’s 2005

Screenshot of my .Mac website as it now appears in my resurrected version

On a bit of a whim – a silly tangent off of migrating to a new web host – I resurrected the ‘frozen in time’ copy of my iTools / .mac / MobileMe HomePage website. You can find it here, for better or worse. My old website dates back to at the latest September 2005… Read more

Why I wanted to intern at Apple

I just found this while reviewing some very old backups. Like most things of this ancient era, I’d completely forgotten about it, so it’s been fascinating to look back – as if in the 3rd person – at my younger, far away self. I don’t recall why exactly, but evidently I had to write some… Read more

Things you find googling yourself

In no particular order. The Hotline File Transfer Protocol v1.1.1.  I presume I was interested in, or actively doing, a third party Hotline client.  I did tend to make lots of data transfer clients back then (e.g. HTTP, FTP, even POP3 & SMTP). My little gallery of childhood toys & memorabilia.  I hadn’t forgotten about this… Read more

Rotated Windows

I’d forgotten about this until I stumbled across a reference to it again recently. This was a little hack I worked on back in 2004, with Mac OS X Tiger (10.4).  Yes, kids, macOS was called Mac OS X back in ye Olden Times. Wow, Slashdot looked even uglier than I remember, back then.  Though… Read more

Mornington High, 1969

Today I came around to nana & pop’s again, browsed the web for a while, checked my email – all the usual. Chris arrived unannounced – albeit not entirely unexpected, given he’d mentioned potentially coming down today when I last saw him, last week – and together with pop we set about cleaning up the… Read more

The Old Computers

A bit before Christmas I decided it was time to get rid of all the old computer crap that’s filling up two closets, half a wardrobe, and the back corner of the study. There’s nothing wrong with any of it – a whole range of ancient Macs, printers, a pristine Apple OneScanner, Zip drives, hard… Read more