Corporate Theft

I guess this takes the phrase “Corporate Theft” to new levels… apparently a group spread across Asia has, for years, been operating a shadow NEC. Beyond just copying authentic NEC products, they actually developed their own original ones. The details aren’t too prevalent in the article, but it seems that this has been done by… Read more

UC Berkeley on iTunes U

Just recently – I found out yesterday – the University of California, Berkeley, made available a whole swathe of lectures available through the iTunes Music Store. Their website on this is here, which has the gateway link into the relevant part of the store. It’s worth noting that Apple are providing the hosting for all… Read more

Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit

There’s a nice little blog entry from David Weiss here, which is a little exposé of the MacBU at Microsoft. Of particular interest is their array of 150 Mac Mini’s (PPC ones) for doing automated testing. Yikes. And yet, despite all this apparent effort, Office still sucks. I’ve had to give up directly working on… Read more

Light Field Photography with a Hand-Held Plenoptic Camera

I finally found [again] information on the awesome new camera being prototyped at Stanford. It’s a camera which captures the entire light field inside the lense at one instant, rather than just capturing incident light on a receptor, as do existing cameras. Meaning, it records the direction of the light as well as it’s position.… Read more

Hard work always leads somewhere

A lovely little article here on procrastination. No, not how to avoid, or conversely some comic justification for it. Instead, it’s a thoughtful consideration of the types of procrastination, and then, what it really means to procrastinate. One thing which I really jive with is the talk about tackling big projects. It’s so hard for… Read more

Riding on thin ice

I was reminded twice today how tenuous my presence here is. On the ride back from work, the entire two blocks of it, I was nearly collected by two cars. The first was some yahoo racing to turn right. I didn’t have a green pedestrian crossing light, but I was going with the traffic. Luckily,… Read more

My camera, Our House

So, I finally bought a digital camera. A Casio Z750. 7.2 megapixels, typical telescoping 3x lens, nice compact form factor. It’s quite impressive. It hasn’t seen daylight yet, so I can’t do some true quality tests with it, but the indoor flashed portraits have come out disturbingly well. It ended up costing about $470US, including… Read more