Improv Everywhere strikes again!

For those who aren’t up on the Slashdot archives, the Improv Everywhere movement is just a bunch of people who get together to do weird and crazy things occasionally. Their latest escapade is particularly good – they managed to get together 80 people (how I envy their organisational skills), all dressed up like employees of Best Buy (big American electronics chain), and invaded a Best Buy store. Needless to say, the reaction was mixed… most of the Best Buy employees loved it, while the managers and security guards freaked. Someone even apparently started yelling “Thomas Crown Affair! Thomas Crown Affair!” at some point. Classic. :D

Anyway, all the details are here, including photos and videos. I particularly like their encounter with the police; the ‘Agents’, as they call themselves, noted that it was completely legal for them to film inside the store, unless they were trespassing, which they weren’t unless they were asked to leave, which they hadn’t. The cops came back with the retort “I don’t come to your house and film you”, to which the agent replied “Who lives here?”.

Superb. :)

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