My first accident… thanks, jackass

So, this morning I was pulled up behind another car at an intersection, waiting to turn. And he reverses into me. Brilliant.

No significant damage, of course – a tiny dint in the bumper and a rather deformed number plate, but nothing a few minutes with some pliers and a hammer won’t fix. Still, it was annoying. It just rubs in the fact that despite things like this, I’m the one paying through the nose for insurance, because obviously I’m one of the worst drivers out there. Clearly.

To be fair, the guy was trying to back out of the way of an old lady, who wanted to cross the street, so his heart was in the right place. It would have been helpful, perhaps, if his eyes had been also; I don’t think he actually looked behind him at all.

He did pull over just across the road, so we could look at the damage – none to his car, of course; he hit me with his tow bar. He didn’t seemed much perplexed at all. I was more concerned with getting to class, as I was already late, and didn’t figure a small dint was worth much trouble; it’d just be part of the scenery on my car. :)

But it was all the more annoying because there wasn’t a whole lot I did, or could have done. There was another car behind me, so I wasn’t going back much further anyway. I probably could have honked my horn, but didn’t… I was sort of enthralled, just thinking “this guys going to hit me.. no way… no really, he is… what a jackass”.

I probably should have thought quicker, but I don’t think much when I’m driving, as a rule… thinking leads to questions like “so, why exactly are we doing 40 in an 80 zone?”, and whatnot, which makes me cranky.

So, my first accident. Or, more accurately, this random guy’s accident, at my expense. Hooray!

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