Grumpy Old Weathermen

Well, the weatherman seems to be having issues with my plans for the weekend… I braved the haze and dampness this morning to go to the gym, but it’s definitely threatening rain… I’ll be going down the shops after a shower, but I don’t think it wise to stray too far from home today. 😕

Sooner or later I’m going to put a rather expensive dent in someone’s car here… the number of times people have cut me off riding to work in the mornings… they don’t seem to realise that:

  1. Bikes can’t stop as fast as cars.
  2. If I hit them I’m going to do a lot more damage to them than they are to me. To their car and their insurance.

Driver’s here are of course psycho… crossing the street even with a green crossing signal is dangerous, since they turn right whenever they damn well feel like, and rarely look first. It’s rare when I go out riding that I don’t see at least one near miss from some jackass turning into oncoming traffic. Only one actual accident so far, though.

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