On the balance of all things

We had mince for dinner tonight. Just mince. By itself.

We’re really going to have to teach Brett how to actually cook something… that’s all he’s done since he got here.

I’m only supposed to do weights three times a week, never two days in a row, so I had to lay off them tonight… just did 45 minutes on the treadmill. The machine tells me I burnt off a little over 400 calories doing so… which by my calculations just about negates the fruit bars I ate at work today. :D

I’ve only been doing gym stuff for a week or so, but it’s already manifesting itself in extra definition. Haven’t lost any weight visibly – in fact I seem to be gaining quite a bit – but I feel a lot better. As in, I get six hours sleep a night and don’t feel tired at all during the day. And am happier.

I knew I was a bit lethargic and depressed from inactivity over the last year, but I’m surprised by how bad it evidently was… great, yet another addiction. ;)

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