Marisa & I finally saw Brave tonight.  As expected from the boringly predictable Pixar, it was great.  The only downside was that it was short.  I guess I’m used to three hour movies now.


Easter was spent with Marisa’s parents, and her brother whom flew in from Hawaii for the weekend.  Though he wasn’t around much, being very busy catching up with friends and running errands and whooshing off to South Lake Tahoe to go snowboarding.  It’s a hard life. :P I realised this Easter – why only after… Read more

Secret Improv Society

On Saturday night Marisa & I went to dinner with her parents at Cafe Bistro (at the top of Nordstroms on Market Street, in San Francisco). Afterwards we went to the Shelton Theatre to see “Secret Improv Society”. It was rather entertaining. I’d definitely like to go back, hopefully with Game Night, as it’s right… Read more

Lady Antebellum & Darius Rucker in concert

Last night Marisa and I went to a performance by Lady Antebellum, with Thompson Square and Darius Rucker opening.  At the HP Pavillion. I had forgotten how awful the acoustics are there.  Massive reverb, and a closed roof contributing to the cheap-speakers-way-over-driven effect.  Which was very unfortunate.  But nonetheless the show was entertaining.  It just… Read more

Zombie Brains!

For Valentine’s day Marisa gave me a couple of things, including chocolate zombie heads. :D

Bridge School Benefit Concert

On Saturday I went to the Bridge School Benefit Concert at Shoreline with Erick and his two colleagues, Stefan and Kim. They arrived in S.F. earlier in the week on business, but of course one can’t pass up the opportunity to catch up, and to indulge in some solid touristing – only Erick of the… Read more


Two weekends ago now, I finally relented to the crushing pressure of 11 million so-called peers, and installed World of Warcraft. Mainly because I’d been out the night before talking with Matt, in IHOP, and he’d described some of the more interesting sounding high-level stuff, involving big raids and PvP and vehicles, which sounded like… Read more