Easter was spent with Marisa’s parents, and her brother whom flew in from Hawaii for the weekend.  Though he wasn’t around much, being very busy catching up with friends and running errands and whooshing off to South Lake Tahoe to go snowboarding.  It’s a hard life. :P

I realised this Easter – why only after so many years in California, I don’t know – that you don’t really get chocolate eggs here.  Sure, you get the little, solid ones, and the occasional larger hollow one – though usually filled with peanut butter or some other such poison – but they’re just not really present.  Chocolate bunnies are about all you get.  That and baskets filled with cheap, crappy kids toys and basketballs (no, I have no idea why either).

Instead they’re relatively into the painted and/or boiled eggs thing.  I’m all for meticulously painted eggs – I’ve seen some that are truly impressive; genuine pieces of art – but eating a hard boiled egg, delicious or not, just doesn’t really cut it on Easter weekend.

So now I really miss Easter eggs.  Apparently I’m going to have to visit Australia (or Canada, or England, or probably any other western country in the world) at Easter some year, to re-indulge myself.

In fact it took visiting at least five supermarkets just to find Lindt bunnies.  Otherwise the options were pretty drear.  Who is really going to buy a Hershey’s bunny?  If you hate someone so much, why give them any Easter gifts at all?

Bah!  Get off my lawn!

But it was a lovely weekend otherwise.  Generally lounging around, scouring my iPad for any games or interesting apps worth keeping – I’m tired of having several hundred installed of which maybe a dozen I’ve actually launched even just once – and so forth.  And watching Castle.  Against all odds, Marisa & I were busy all week and Saturday was the first chance we had to watch it.

But I digress.  Easter.  ’twas fun. :)

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