J.D.’s for Easter

After recovering from Chantel’s – although I still felt pretty out of it – I went to pool, for the second time thus far this life. It was, like the first time, quite good. Chantel had brought in one of the big Easter eggs left over from the night before, which was immensely delicious, and we played the night away. Well, a tiny fraction of it, anyway. The Ben group piked really early, as they usually do, and after that Chantel & Co. again wanted to make a run for Sexyland. Which then procrastinated into going to World for Adults just around the corner, which ironically was closed, contrary to the assertion of the “We’re open!” sign on the front door… which then led somewhat belatedly to a few of us returning once more to Chantel’s for Tim Tam ice cream (which has Malteasers in it… go figure).

There we, which is to say, the others (Sket, Bobo, Sarah & Chantel) talked about crap (literally, at one point) for a while. Although they did confess that contrary to their zealous propaganda, women do sometimes fart! I would take this straight to the papers, were I not so fearful for my life should it get traced back to me. ;)

So anyway, it wasn’t a bad way to cool off, until about 1:30 or so, when we all buggered off home. I hadn’t actually intended on staying that late, but with all the chocolate to be consumed, I ran into overtime. ;)

I did find some amusement in bowling with a big egg against those little ones, which is actually surprisingly difficult. Then we ended up wasting most of the nasty marshmallows I’d brought throwing them into the air for Sarah & I to catch. We learnt that Sket is a pretty horrible throw, and that some things, in a cute, happily nostalgic way, never change.

And that’s been about it, thus far this week. Sket & Bobo dropped by yesterday for a chat and to say happy birthday. I then went off to dinner with my dad & his parents, at Steeples. I was quite happy with Steeples, and I think we all had a good night; despite the weather getting all anti-social and raining out the evening. And of course, it hasn’t stopped since. Hooray for Melbourne and it’s damn winters.

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