Boxing day at Chantel’s

Right, so, Boxing Day. I had originally messaged a few people about doing a Boxing Day movie – at Chantel’s birthday dinner prior to Christmas I’d mentioned it as we were passing the cinemas, and a few people actually seemed interested. We went and saw a movie at the time as well – Casino Royale. I quite liked it, which surprised me, as like most people when I’d seen the actor who was to play Bond he didn’t seem right. Plus I quite liked Pierce Brosnan as Bond. I felt the new guy played the role well, though. And I was pleased that they actually picked an attractive women to play the main female antagonist… they have a pretty horrible track record for that. The only other good one I can think of is the chick from Starship Troopers.

Anyway, so I’d messaged people, and a few had indicated interest. However, when I messaged Chantel she replied back that she was having people over at her place Boxing Day. So I figured I couldn’t compete with that – that being anything – so I merged into Chantel’s. Laz was one who’d originally expressed interest in coming down, but then couldn’t make it because of a work call. :( That was a shame, in particular.

So yes, Chantel’s. It was quite good, actually – Chantel provided food (presumably leftovers) which was good. There was quite a few people there, although it’s been too long now and I can’t really recall much detail. Chris came with me, and the two of us talked with Tim & Marzi for a fair while. Also Bobo, as well as Lochie & Des (Rachel’s brother)… Chantel introduced Chris & I to this game where you have a board (12×12, say) and various shaped buildings in two colours. The idea is to place buildings in turn to fence off sections of the board, which are then yours alone to place further pieces in. You are penalised one point per piece you don’t place by the end. I found it quite interesting, for the couple of games we played. Apparently the set isn’t cheap though.

There was also one of those tiny little bubble blower bottles, that look like miniature wine bottles. That amused me a bit – it’s been a long while since I’ve played with a bubble blower. Although Chantel ticked me off for using it; apparently she’d told me not to, although I must have missed that.

While speaking with Sam the other week he’d asserted that the current generation of young adults aren’t as responsible and mature as in past, tending to hang on to childish ways and whatnot. My counter-argument was that we’re just more comfortable indulging in so-called childish things; there’s less of a perceived need to keep up appearances and whatnot. It was an interesting discussion, albeit brief.

So, Chantel’s… there were a few girls there (in hindsight that reads dangerously Freudian to me; what I meant to say was there were three girls there together whom I didn’t know, aside from the many others I did), one of whom I later learnt the name of as Sarah Dingwell, whom I don’t know, but she spent some time watching Chris & I from across the room for some reason – which I never got to the bottom of, although I’m only mildly curious. I also know that she has a much better house than I ever have *pompous nose turned up*, or so Bobo says anyway. :P At Bobo’s engagement party a while back I’d first met Sarah’s brother, Matt, and somehow it came up that his house was soooo awesome, and Bobo went on and on about how much better it was than my old one (Cummins Lane). It really did go something like:

Bobo: You remember your old house, that really nice one?
Wade: Yeah-
Bobo: -Well his is much better!


I really liked Matt – very friendly and approachable – although I was somewhat down that he was at the time (and still, I hear) going out with Laura (surname unknown), whom I’d first met at Gus’ birthday ages ago at Ha’penny’s, where I’d just started chatting with her. I can’t remember if I was moping around or bored or what, but I remember being somewhat proud of myself that I’d started up a conversation with a random person. It didn’t hurt that that random person was a particularly attractive girl. ;)

Anyway, she’d only just recently moved back to Australia from New York at that point, from memory, which got us talking about that. She sounds really cool. At one point though I looked over at Sket, who at that moment noticed I was talking to Laura, and gave me a look of both surprise and “yeah, go Wade!”, which made me feel a bit awkward. Although I seem to recall it didn’t hurt my sense of pride. :D

So anyway… Bobo gives two thumbs up to Dingwell’s in general, and Sarah didn’t look half bad, so I may just have to pursue that if I ever see her again. ;)

(in hindsight, that also seems an inappropriately sharp jump… ah well)

Well, assuming whatever she was saying about Chris & I was positive… perhaps she was just wondering if it was really Malcolm in the Middle that I was sitting next to. :P

So yeah… Chantel kicked us out sometime before midnight, if memory serves, wanting to go to bed or somesuch. Pfft, pansy. :P

I then drove back to nana & pop’s to drop Chris off… since it wasn’t that late I was almost tempted to stay there for a bit and play Dawn of War with Chris, but I thought nah, there’s people in every other room trying to sleep, plus Chris probably wants to go to bed too… ‘course when I woke him up at 11am the following morning, I found his late rising was on account of having stayed up for three hours playing, in fact, Dawn of War. :D

I like having early nights. Well, relatively early… in bed by 2am. That’s early enough. Otherwise, I’d rather just go all night. But that doesn’t happen at all these days – everyone’s got work or are just lazy. Pfft. Having said that, I didn’t stay late at Laura’s thing the other week; I was the first to leave, in fact. But then I had a long drive back to dad’s, and as it was I was very tired by the time I got back… another half an hour later and I would have been taking a very undue risk.

So yeah… that’s Boxing Day covered, as well as half a dozen other random snippets from the past two years. :D I’m particularly rambling tonight; I’m not sure why. I guess I’m somewhat forcing myself to write, and at the moment I’m not really in the mood. And rambling. Did I mention I’m going on and on?.. ;)

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