Here you go… just kiddin’… here you go… just kiddin’…

I noticed this the other week… I don’t know why I was poking around in Flip4Mac’s settings, but there I was, just wandering through, minding my own business, when I found this little beaut sitting there all pompous and defiant:

Yeah… that’s an excellent idea, having an entire panel of settings that you can’t actually set. Good thing it’s got those features, though – I’d hate to actually have full quality audio, yeah, that’d really suck. I mean, Core Audio only supports arbitrary sample rates, bit levels and numbers of channels – I’d hate for Flip4Mac to actually use all those available features.

Okay, so I’m being somewhat snippy (and Core Audio probably doesn’t make things as simple as that), given the built-in speakers on my Powerbook indeed don’t support any of the higher quality options above, but there’s no need for the plugin’s preferences to pointlessly state that. I mean, who makes this plugin anyway? ;)

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