I Am Legend

Last Saturday F1 & I nipped out to catch ‘I Am Legend’. I’d been looking forward to it all week, because a) Will Smith action movies are usually pretty good, and b) I was interested to see how the movie would go with just one [human] character.

Prior to that we had dinner with Ross as well, at T.G.I. Friday’s… not that I dislike their food, but it’s a dangerously frequent dinner haunt – that and B.J.’s, which I’m less worried about ’cause of their lovely Pazookies. :D

But Ross was a pansy and declined to see the movie… probably because it’s not exactly, based on or a derivation of The West Wing. He has no taste in movies. :P

Anyway… when we arrived at Vallco we found our desired session was booked out… bah! Lucky for us we both had iPhones, and Francisco’s was working on EDGE at the time (mine doesn’t usually, but then… it’s kind running an interesting hybrid of 1.1.1, 1.1.2, and my own concoction of apps… whoops :) ) so we quickly determined that some random “Century 16” or whatever in Mountain View was both showing it imminently, and big enough to be unlikely to be sold out.

I always marvel, in hindsight, at the highway system here (outside of peak times, that is). I always think of Mountain View and Palo Alto as ages away, yet they’re really nothing – highway 99% of the way.

Anyway, long story short we did see the movie, no worries – and I noticed that, yet again, Mountain View has those nefarious young people that are so conspicuously absent from bloody Cupertino/Santa Clara – and it was… well, not bad… it wasn’t really what I was expecting entirely.. partly because there’s at least one key scene in the trailer that’s not in the damn movie… I hate it when they do that. So I was doubly confounded when the movie suddenly ended – F1 hadn’t seen the trailer, so he was only normally confounded; he too felt it finished way too abruptly and early.

I hope it doesn’t become the theme for summer – er, winter for me, I suppose -… there’s quite a few interesting looking action flicks coming out.. ‘Jumper’ intrigues me at the moment, along with ‘National Treasure 2’. Oddly enough, Ross wants to see that… yet it’s a given that it’s going to be fairly unspectacular and not just a little corny… again, he has no taste, or more pointedly consistency there-of. :P

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