I Am Legend redux

Also, F1 had already read the book(s) upon which ‘I Am Legend’ is based (called, creatively, ‘I Am Legend’, I believe), so he knew more or less what the deal was. He noted though that in the book(s) the zombie critters were far less zombie and more just like evil, cannibalistic people. And the reason for the title comes from the fact that the protagonist is a kind of legendary “boogeyman” to these evil dudes… they hibernate during the day, and he goes around in that time and kills them… so they wake up at night and hey, half of them are inexplicably dead.

I might actually track down the book and check it out… the movie hinted at a satisfying and meaningful storyline, plus anecdotes like that tickle my amusement immensely, so.. how do you buy those old fashion paper things again… ? ;)

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