This weekend

I didn’t get up to much yesterday – just watched a movie, did some washing, played far too much Halo; all the usual. I did even less work today; I had intended on going for a bike ride and maybe catching a movie in the evening (Stardust caught my eye by way of it’s trailer, although I’ve heard it’s mediocre), but just as I was about to kit up for the ride Ross gave me a call about grabbing lunch. So I did that, which was followed by me hauling FatMac off to Ross & F1’s place for a bit of Starcrafting and general hanging out.

I must admit I felt bad about the idea of skipping actual exercise out in the sunshine for playing Starcraft, but sentimentality got the better of me. It was pretty fun to be back in the old net-night mode, albeit with a bit more restraint and some malaise. Most of the games ended very quickly as the computer spanked us about a bit… we won a couple (well… at least one that I recall), but for the most part apparently sucked. I don’t remember the computer being so tough… as I noted to the guys, I used to play 1 vs 7 computers (on certain maps, granted) with frequent success… those days are evidently long gone.

For dinner we drove some 18km or something silly to go to some random “Happy Hounds” hot-dog stand. And it really was basically that; it certainly wouldn’t be classed as a restaurant, probably not even a basic diner. The food was good, for sure, but, I had to laugh at the whole “let’s drive miles and miles on a whim for a hot dog”. :)

‘course, before that they were pining for a placed called “Fred62” in L.A., and were – presumably jokingly – mulling with the idea of road-tripping there. Unfortunately it was decided inevitably that six hours each way was just too much for such an escapade – had it been only three hours each way, we’d be set.

Right.. :)

They also introduced me to a TV show called Entourage, which is basically just some guys in Hollywood producing movies… simple premise, but well written; I enjoyed it. It also had the blonde bimbo from Scary Movie in it – Anna Faris – which was most interesting, especially since at one point they took an overt but at the same time subtle jab at her silly role in said movie… so it seems she’s aware it wasn’t exactly the classiest movie or role, and is happy with it. That’s good. :)

After that Ross & F1 had a tiff over who’d have to take me home, which was funny as always… I swear they’re like the stereotypical old married couple, arguing about everything. Very amusing even if occasionally disconcerting to be around. :)

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