It’s happening again!..

I slept in today, good and proper. Granted I didn’t go to bed ’till after 2am – I was coding and in the zone and didn’t want to stop – but nonetheless a rising time of noon is impressive by my own standards. ‘course, I was thirsty and hungry and felt like crap for it, but it was worth it. :D

I then had to try to get some washing done so I could actually wear something… really need to go shopping for more shorts. While that was in progress, Ross rang and invited me to a movie with him & F1. So my plans were slightly dashed, and I went with the thinnest pants I could find, and headed off. I had no idea what the movie was – I couldn’t really understand the name on the phone. It was, it turns out, “3:10 to Yuma”, which is a western with Russell Crowe, Christian Bale and quite a few other familiar faces.

It was actually pretty good. A little predictable, yet all the while making you wonder, repeatedly, why exactly the characters were acting like they were. I mean, I’m familiar with the Hollywood film style, so I know the formula, but I just didn’t really understand what was going on inside the characters’ heads a lot of the time.

Still, the action was well done without being over the top or distracting, and the acting was very good all round. Not a bad way to spend part of an afternoon.

After that though I dashed back home to finish the whole washing business, and then got stuck into some coding for a bit. Halo may have interjected at some point… i honestly can’t actually remember. After a while I got on the horn to F1 again about the Starcraft he’d alluded to at the movies (“hey, did you bring your laptop?”, because yes I always bring a laptop to the movies), and – after talking with Scott & ringing mum – went round to Ross & F1’s place. And from there we went in hunt of some place called “Coco’s” which Google Maps told us was just off Saratoga. It wasn’t, as far as we could tell… and when we rang the number for it, we got the “this number has been disconnected” speil. D’oh. Luckily though there was an Applebee’s nearby, which worked just fine.

And after that, we returned to the swinging bachelor pad that is F1 & Ross’ place, and watched a bit of TV for a bit, and whatnot, before finally getting into some Starcraft. (the TV we watched was some hour-long episode of a show called “Tell Me You Love Me”, which as far as I could tell was a generic marriage/sex-crisis drama, with random bits of porn thrown in… very atypical of TV here, but apparently it’s ‘HBO’ so it’s okay… ? )

F2 joined us, too, so after one failed attempt to go 4 vs 4 against the computers – they’re always spectacularly evil in that apartment; completely different to their useless, wimpy selves I see at home – we did a 2vs2, with F1 & Ross challenging F2 & myself. It was a good game, and went for a good 90 minutes. Not a res map, either, which was a little uncomfortable for me, but then we haven’t played any res maps before so I’m slowly getting used to it again. It does encourage a wider variety of strategies and tactics, though, so I appreciate it.

Anyway, this was only the second night F2 had been there with us, the 2nd time he’d played Starcraft… so he was vaguely familiar with things, but still a newb. He and I started off in advantageous positions, and things went well early on, but I wasn’t nearly aggressive enough – and F2 not aggressive at all – so in mere time we had ceded much of the map, and from there it was largely a war of attrition. I gave Ross & F1 a pretty good spanking, though, as they wiped me out, which was honestly entertaining.

We finished up about 1am… I was feeling pretty good about the game, and was tempted to challenge them to another, but F2 was quick to begin packing up, and I thought that it would be wise if I too did… I ain’t as young as I used to be; can’t go staying up into the wee morning hours. Not for Starcraft, at least… I refuse to revert back to the ancient habits. :)

So, a day that was entertaining and productive, in satisfactory portions, although without exercise… if the weather’s any good today (Sunday), I might fix my bike up – well, I’ll have to do that anyway – and go for a ride.

I still haven’t been to the gym, either, despite having signed up… *guilty* I’ll definitely have to get into the habit.

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