What value, a few words

Weekend… didn’t get up to a whole lot. Went to see Charlie Bartlett with Matt. It turned out to be as good as I’d hoped, which is to say, very good – set in a high school, but far from a teen movie. Clever, and funny. That aside… I worked. Yep, I suck. Well, I had last Monday to make up for, which Saturday covered, and working Sunday turned out to be serendipitous because I’ve been exhausted since the wee hours of Monday morning for some reason. I don’t feel sick, particularly… I slept very poorly Sunday night… I never can tell if it’s my dreams that give me restless sleep, or the restlessness yields stressful dreams. I dunno… anyway, I haven’t been able to make it through a full day thus far this week. Today was better than yesterday, for sure – then, I went home midafternoon and straight to sleep. Today at least it was nearly 7pm before I left work, though I spent much of the afternoon wondering if I could fall asleep sitting in my chair, or playing Flash Portal. I did get a bit of work done in the morning, but the quality deteriorated as the tiredness returned.

I haven’t been hungry much, either. I didn’t eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning. I didn’t really feel it.

Anyway, that kinda sucks on a multitude of levels, not the least of which being that I’ve run out of household items like, you know, soap, so I need to go shopping some time… plus I’m down to my very last square of chocolate. Thus ends my consumable Christmas presents – thanks to all those who made it possible. :D

One thing I did get through in the last week or so, concluding tonight, as American Gods, by Neil Gaiman, which is currently free for everyone to read online. Now I have to determine if it was worth putting coinage behind… it wasn’t really my typical style; somewhat vulgar, violent, lots and lots of rambling on about ancient folklore and stuff, which was mildly interesting albeit only to skim. I quite liked Good Omens, years and years back when I read it in high school, but I think I definitely preferred Terry Pratchett’s side of that.

So I dunno… early on it had me pretty hooked… as it went on though my interest waned a little. There’s only so much abstract crap my head can take.

It was good to read a novel again, though. I can’t remember what the last one I read was… it was a Discworld one, and I recall reading it on a plane… November? April? I dunno.

So, that’s the weekend. Hopefully I can kick this tiresome tiredness; there’s much work to be done.

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