Pool & minigolf

After Monday & Tuesday nights last week, at the gym, I felt rather sore and crappy for more or less the rest of the week… need to take it a bit easier as I ease back into physical activity, methinks. I went again tonight though, for an hour or so… tried out the rowing machines against Steve, which was amusing – given we were racing (the machines link together and show your relative positions) we both went reasonably hard straight out, then realised after the first 500 metres that we had 1500 more to go, and that had been a really bad idea. :D

But it was good – fun and finally something which works my arms a bit. I swear they were slowly devolving… T-Rex wasn’t tuned that way, he just spent way too much time on the treadmill at the expense of anything else.

Anyway… weekend; Friday & Saturday nights I played pool, with (Myke, Matt & Erick) and (Matt & Kacie) respectively. Good fun. I also checked out Leatherheads with Matt & Kacie. That was good – a little quickly paced in some spots for my taste, though it’s a reasonably long movie already, but good, sharp humour. The trailer has many of the best bits in it, as they do, but there were plenty others.

And we played minigolf too. It’s been a long time, evidently. I’m not sure what par is for either of the courses, but I suspect I wasn’t within sight of it. And that’s with me assuming a potentially generous 6 stroke limit per hole, for scoring.

The minigolf place was the one up on El Camino, just off Wolfe… it’s a pretty fancy setup there, although the courses leave a little to be desired in a lot of respects… they’re not actually level, for the most part, so you get that infuriating random curve happening as you’re trying to sink a long put. They also had a rather unhealthy obsession with the style of hole where you have to hit up a slope to the dip at the top, and you spend fifteen shots in a row bouncing from one side to the other. I appreciate that I suck, and a bit of careful aim makes up for excess power, but still…

But it was fun, nonetheless. After that we killed time watching Superbad, which was just as amusing the second time, before I figured it was past my bedtime – 1:30amish – and buggered off.

Sunday I didn’t do much. Tried to do the work that I’d failed to do Saturday, and exceeded expectations by failing once again, more or less. I didn’t feel so great, so I ended up mostly just amusing myself with Wingnuts 2 and AoE 3 before retiring.

Thus brings things up to date.

Otherwise, I’m trying to find people around here who want to go see Billy Connolly this week; he’s performing each night ’till Sunday up in S.F., and I’d love to go. I will go, in fact, if it’s not already sold out; I’m about to do a run around of an open invite, but failing that I’ll go by myself.

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