We’ve had beautiful weather the last week or two… culminating in yesterday’s high of around about 36° which was actually hot… at least, it is when you’re inside with no pool or beach or air conditioning, cleaning a bathroom. Frikkin’ bathrooms. I just feel like placing a can of hospital disinfectant in the middle of the room, dropping in a stick of dynamite and closing the door. So much easier.

That or have a self-cleaning bathroom, like self-cleaning ovens.

There’s way too much concrete around here. I’m starting to understand now how all these Americans can die in so-called “heat waves” every year… the heat’s amplified so much.

Anyway. The weather broke yesterday afternoon, including a curious sunshower which I’ve never seen happen here before, that I recall, and today has been much more liveable – mid-20s with a nice breeze. I just got back from riding up to the reservoir and round and back, which in some respects was easier than in past, though was still exhausting… none too surprising since all I do presently at the gym is cardio stuff, no weights or anything, so.. but it was lovely, and now I don’t feel like I’ve wasted another weekend inside. I’ve been trying to convince Ross & F1 to hang by their pool with me, but F1’s girlfriend’s in town so they’re probably preoccupied (he’s not responding to IMs, though, I get that a lot ;) ) and Ross is working or somesuch. Bah!

I digress. The point of this post was meant to merely note that I saw Get Smart Friday night with Erick, Steve & Amanda, and The Love Guru last night with Erick & Steve. Followed by ice cream! As the weather’s warmed up I’ve begun to miss ice cream more and more… I’m day-dreaming of Napolitan ice cream with sprinkles and maybe even Ice Magic. I don’t even know if you can get Ice Magic here. I must investigate… :D

Get Smart was actually very good, and wosisname the main dude didn’t actually spoil it – far less subtle than the original 86, but, together with Anne Hathaway’s more sarcastic and ‘Miss Independent’ 99, it actually worked. The Love Guru was not so good.. amusing, sure, but, it was a little flat feeling in the humour.. kinda like the sort of thing you’d expect from a TV miniseries or something like Saturday Night Live (coincidence?). Not a waste of time, but, I doubt I’d bother seeing it again.

I think that’s about the news to date. I finally ordered a Wacom tablet last week, which should arrive around about Tuesday, so that’s my toy for this month. I look forward to seeing how decrepit the creative side of my brain now is. ;)

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