Sarah & Tez are now married

So, I’ve been pretty studiously not facebook-stalking my ex, despite it being so in vogue, but I heard anyway – presumably from Bobo and/or Sket, though I can’t recall… way back in November, I think – that they were finally getting hitched, in Fiji of all places. And that happened last week or so apparently, as now I’m seeing the various photos from Adele, among others. Hooray for the dangerously loose use of the term ‘friend’!

It sounded good, doing it in Fiji. I’ve no idea what the ceremony was like, since photos of that are conspicuously absent, but I can’t imagine Sarah wanting anything less than a fairytale wedding, and Fiji’s a pretty good start for such a tale. :)

So I’m happy for them. I’m not actually jealous – or in any way negative, actually – at all, which sorta surprises me a little…. though that’s not entirely accurate, I am jealous, but of the whole going to Fiji bit, not the wedding part – beaches, sunsets, scuba diving, sailing, jet skiing… ahhhhh… these are things I’m unlikely to find deep in the heart of London or Amsterdam or Cairo. What with the flights being annoying at the moment, Bora Bora’s looking better and better. ;)

Anyway, I felt that worth noting, for whatever reason. It’s yet another reminder that I’m not keeping in touch with people nearly as well as I should – Bobo I at least speak to online occasionally, but Sket I haven’t for ages, alas, nor Rob or Tony… though Rob’s in Africa at the moment on a mission kinda thing, so I’ll use that as my excuse for now. ;) I’m not sure what Tony’s up to, actually; I’ll have to shoot him an email.

Damnit people, why am I the only one maintaining a blog? I’m sensing a serious lack of effort round here. :P

Oh, and the addendum to this is that the more I talk to Ross about his past relationship with his Ex (capital E, oh yes), the more it sounds exactly like mine. I’m trying to help him get over her, since I feel I understand what he’s going through (they broke up less than two years ago, so I am the grey-haired wise old man in this case), though I have a feeling my persistent assertion he should “get over it” is not having the desired effect. It’s true, there are times when being a man is an annoying limitation. ;)

Which reminds me of an English essay I tried to turn in back in high school, which I think was word-for-word “She got over it.”. It was an entirely accurate, perfectly succinct, complete summary of the key story arc in question (Looking for Alibrandi? I can’t recall). My teacher didn’t appreciate my sharp brevity with words.

It was still exactly right, though.

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