Water polo

I’m contemplating taking up water polo. Not kayak polo, as we play on Tuesday nights, but normal, float-on-your-own polo. La Trobe has a club which trains Monday nights, and competes at Albert Park on Thursday nights. So it fits into my schedule nicely. ‘course, I’m not sure how well I’d do at water polo… I can swim sure enough, but my throwing reflects my geeky genetics. ;)

This is probably a result of me not getting out nearly enough this week… no social activity, no sport, no exercise… I haven’t even touched my bike thus far this week. This week was busy, with the exam and ADD and whatnot, so I’ve been racing around. I had planned on going for a ride this afternoon, given the lovely weather, but of course uni conspired against me and saw me stuck in the ADD lab until 6:30, waiting to demonstrate my assignment.

We now have a project to do for ADD as well. Relatively simple – in pairs, create two linked boards which send various information to each other, such as counter values, switch states, and so forth.

Of course, Tony, Rob & I would like to do it together… so if that were permitted, we’d need something more involved to do. ‘course, coming up with ideas wasn’t a problem. We’re thinking about doing a switch for these boards, with a simple endpoint protocol and so forth. That’d be cool. ‘course, when you start looking into it, it actually gets reasonably complicated… we’d need to do a lot of buffering, which FPGAs are of course not especially good at – not when you’re talking thousands of bytes, anyway. Although we are using shiny Spartan 3’s for this, which have at least 50k gates… although I’ve just realised that even the 50k model has 10k of RAM… that’ll do nicely. :)

So yeah, we’ll see… we have other assignments to do, of course, as well as project, which has languished for several weeks now. And in not much more than a month it’ll be exams, too… yikes.

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