Today seems to have been so short, in hindsight, as measured by what I actually got done… I woke up, did all my usual stuff, went shopping for milk and a few other essentials, had breakfast (at about lunchtime), then set about getting some stuff organised to send over to Apple as part of the visa stuff. I went in to uni, sent that off, then returned home and set about working on the Keychain Framework for a bit. I finally discovered a way to make unused variables to ObjC methods be ignored by -Wunused (#pragma unused), and investigated a few reported bugs – which I think are config issues at the user end, not actual bugs.

I also tried to resolve the embedded framework issue… the solution Andre adopted was to add in a shell script build phase controlled by an environment variable (which is set in Xcode’s global prefs). I wasn’t too keen on that, so I played around for a while and came up with an alternative solution of using additional targets (e.g. “Release (Embedded)”). Using Xcode config files I was able to move out the actual config for release/debug builds, such that I can have both types of each build (installed and embedded) use the same set of configs so there’s minimal maintenance concerns.

Anyway, that seems to have worked reasonably well. Having to rebuild the entire framework just to (effectively) change the install name is annoying, but this way seems a bit more seamless and “correct” than funny business with environment variables.

That took several hours, surprisingly. I may have fitted a game of Starcraft in there somewhere, however. Although that could have been this morning, or last night… I can’t recall. I’m already tired of playing Starcraft, and I’ve only been at it sporadically for a week or so. :/

Anyway, basically the day was about killing time until kayaking, which I resolved yesterday to go to, both so that I could catch up with the people there one last time, but also to actually get out of the house and some actual physical exercise. I’m feeling very strongly the lethargy that results from too long in front of the computer, which has been present for a while now and has clear physical manifestations at this point. :/

Kayaking was quite good. I had a bit of a headache – heat (dehydration & diet) again – although it was manageable. It wasn’t helped by being hit in the head by the polo balls twice, although both cases were just bad luck (I was goalie, and hit by the ball falling from the net). I was a little rusty as well, although at least I can still roll easily (on one side; the other still sucks, grr). We didn’t end up playing a game, despite there being 11 of us in the water… I think most people just wanted to get in the pool and chill a bit; end of exams and all that.

So, it was pretty laid back. Claire entertained us with her very impressive balance by standing up straight in her kayak – and paddling up and down the pool twice, proving it more than a simple parlour trick – and, well, whatever it was she was aiming for with Paul; sitting on his shoulders while he was in his kayak, etc. Pretty amazing balance… at the end I’d had enough – soooo lazy – so I ditched my kayak and then set about seeing what other uses I could come up with for it. It’s basically a giant, unstable surfboard (a mal, obviously). The air bubbles within it make keeping it stable an interesting challenge. Unfortunately there’s really no way to get around it – kayaks just don’t work well when full of water and upside down. :D

Anyway, it was a good night, albeit pretty slow and relaxed. I did practice rolling a few times, and did a few laps and turns, but nothing all that strenuous.

After that, just before heading off, Anthony showed everyone the entrance to the tunnels just near Glenn & SARA… it seems someone’s run a car (!!!) into the mushroom there, shearing it clear off, so you can lift it aside and peer down. We didn’t go in, since the uni’s pretty strict about people not getting into the tunnels – and they have electronic alarms to further encourage that – but it was still a laugh to see such an easy entrance. :)

And then I returned home, where I played TactOps for a bit while waiting for my excessive & rapid water consumption to ease my headache – which it mostly has – until that too got a little tedious, and then I started writing here, in my journal. That was about ninety minutes ago now, and my original intent of having an early night has fizzled away entirely. :)

I don’t have anything much to do today, when I wake up again… I’m putting off work work until next week, just because I need a proper break – although as I’ve noted, that I’m not actually doing anything that productive is annoying me – and my immediate errands are all complete. I guess packing more wouldn’t hurt… I plan to attend the weekly tequp meeting, although that’s in the evening. After that I might head down to Mt. Martha, although it depends on how late I end up being from tequp… I might go down Thursday morning instead. I’m penned in for dinner at nana & pop’s Thursday night, so I have until then to make a decision. :D

This weekend I’ll need to figure out some way to move all my furniture out, along with whatever else is left… I’ll have to disassemble my bed as well. I just hope my assumption that my car toolkit has the right size Allen key is well-founded… otherwise the disassembly will be a lot more entertaining, but a lot less preserving. ;)

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