Yep, it’s Monday again. I woke up not long before noon, had a drink, discovered the five boxes of cereal in the pantry all expired at least a month ago :D, and then chilled in front of the tv for a bit. Scrubs was on first up, which was great – the episode where Cox is sitting at home drinking after losing a patient, while the others try to console him; one of my favourites. After that there wasn’t much on… I tried watching the cricket for a good forty-five minutes or so, in which time England made all of about seven runs, so that was rather boring. I finally got up, had a shower, and went shopping for cereal and whatnot.

I spent a fair while tidying up stuff in my room; putting clothes into the closet and all that. There’s still boxes of stuff to go through all over the floor, but at least I can now get to the bed without taking a running jump. ;)

The rest of the day has been pretty mellow. I’m going to have to get into work tomorrow, since payday is mid-monthly and doesn’t align well for this January trip I’m hypothesising, so the chillin’ is almost over. But at least I’ve written a fair bit here, in my journal, today, which is good… I’d been worrying that I’d forget too much, and given how much I’ve done in the last week – particularly Saturday night – that’d be a shame.

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