F2’s housewarming

F2 and two of his three housemates threw a belated housewarming party last weekend. It was pretty good; mostly just lots of guys standing around getting drunk – some from two in the afternoon, it turned out, for a party that started after 9pm… there’s a drinking game called Wizards, apparently, where you use masking tape to build a staff out of all the tinnies you’ve downed. It’s a very responsible way to drink – when the staff is taller than you, you stop. ;)

They didn’t play by the rules, though.

There ’twas also beer pong and flip-cup, which got everyone way to drunk way too quickly, and prompted Ross to eventually share his dinner with the rose bushes out the front of our place, when we eventually got home around ~1:30. Good thing I prompted us to leave when we did.

F2 has hinted at a sequel in a month or two, and Ross has announced intentions for a similar shindig here next month.

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