Guys-only kayaking

Last night I went to kayaking as usual, although this week is the mid-semester break. Many people still turned up; uni “breaks” rarely are. However, no girls turned up. Aside from Emily, whom didn’t get in the pool and only hung around for ten minutes or so.

Anyway, with eight people in the pool we went straight into a game, which we played through ’till the end, more or less. We started late, but it was still a long game. It was good though – I seemed to do pretty well for myself (and my team), in contrast to the last few weeks which, while quite fun, have provided me little competitive success. It was however, rather rough… I’m not sure if it was just because there were no girls playing, but one way or another I seemed to get hit a lot more than usual. Nothing serious – a few good stings and scrapes – but at times annoying.

Still, it was fun. I’d spent most of the day working on uni and work, and by late afternoon was very close to getting a headache for my troubles. But kayaking free’d that up straight away.

For reasons as yet unknown, I’m finding a lot of days in the last week are ending with sore eyes and a lingering headache. My vision doesn’t seem impaired, as far as I can tell, but perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to go get it tested… a decade spent staring at fuzzy CRTs and low-contrast LCDs has to have done some damage. :/

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