Another Monday night, another J.D.’s. I hadn’t planned on going down this week, but Roxanne messaged me Monday morning angling for a lift, so I figured why not. I’m glad she did; it was pretty good. I headed off straight after my EMT meeting, finishing at four, and she & I wandered over to TGI Friday’s at Doncaster shopping centre for a quick bite to eat. It wasn’t entirely quick, but it was actually very good. I was disturbed at first, how American it was – dingy, tacky decor, everything smothered in cheese… I was starting to get worried. But as it turns out they turn out a rather nice chicken alfredo.

After scoffing all that down, Roxanne & I bandited off to down to Frankston, picking up Sarah on the way, and turned up at J.D.’s at around 7:15. And no-one else was there. Typical; half the time I get there they’re all piking not long after that time, this particular time they didn’t even bother getting there ’till half an hour later. Bah!

‘course, that worked well for us; we got settled in, picked up a table and started off. People trickled in over time, and in the end more or less the whole gang was there, bar Sket, Bobo, Gus & Ben (Wise). I haven’t seen all bar Sket in a few weeks now, which is a shame. ‘course, Bobo’s not really fond of J.D.’s at the best of times, so, the odds of seeing her there are minimal. And Sket was probably off at Sean’s anyway. :P

Vicki George even made an appearance, primarily to see Roxanne, but she hung around for an hour or so and was generally sociable; except with Kim. It’s funny that Roxanne was complaining about the general peninsula people, how insular and small minded they are, yet she didn’t entirely refrain from getting in a word or two too. ;)

The last time I saw Vicki was Bronwyn’s funeral; the last time before that was probably high school! I didn’t speak to her a whole lot during the night, but mainly because I was busy playing pool or chatting with other people. Since a lot of people had been paintballing last Saturday, I finally had something meaningful to talk about them with, which helped break the ice, as it were. I tried to pick a few brains, given I’ll be going to the same place in a month or two, all going well, and picked up a few good tips.

All in all it was a good night. I pulled a few neat tricks in pool, which is always fun… probably came out with equal wins to losses overall. Although if we discount games that I lost because I sank the eight on a foul, I won nearly all of them. :D

I ended up getting home at about 2am, from memory. Luckily, the only thing on today (Tuesday) was our EMT rehearsal, which we had pegged to start at 5:30, so no worries. :)

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