EMT rehearsal

So, we’ve just spent the evening working on our EMT presentation, scheduled for tomorrow morning. It’s coming together reasonably well, although I am still a bit nervous about it; I keep running a little overtime, and as usual can’t for the life of me reproduce any particular performance. I’m not good at repetition, evidently. Hopefully whatever I happen to make up during the real thing works well.

Rob’s doing better on this one than ENT; minimal slips aside from his Secureless Wireless™ – :P – and his pacing is normal now. Aidan’s doing pretty well too; he’s made a few refinements during the rehearsal, but he largely had it down pat to start with. Tony, also, is doing pretty well, although like me seems to having trouble finding a groove.

Simon missed it tonight; apparently he got stuck in the city, and had some miniature disaster at work, or whatnot. We’re rehearsing for another hour tomorrow morning, so hopefully he can get his part all together in that time.

Here’s hoping it goes well. :)

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