EMT Presentation

So we did our presentation, as planned, and it actually turned out reasonably well. We did another two runs through it before hand – at eight in the morning – and then had to sit through an hour and a half of other presentations… the third of which was actually of interest, but the first two… well, I was getting worried I’d be asleep by the time it came time to do ours.

We didn’t make any significant mistakes, which is the key thing, and good. We forgot to mention the odd thing or two, or made the odd misspeak, but nothing worth worrying about. And we ran about two minutes under time, which I’m thinking (or at least hoping) George appreciated; he once again wasn’t giving any slack to those who ran overtime.

I think my part went reasonably well, although the actual presentation version wasn’t the best I’d done; I liked my first rehearsal this morning. But then, I can’t re-iterate improvisation; it just doesn’t work for me. And I like improvisation, within my little comfort zone. Anyway, I didn’t screw up horribly, which is the important bit. I think everyone else was pretty happy with each other as well, so all round a good enough effort.

And lo and behold, I wore a suit. Again. Yes, that’s the fifth time. Take note children, as this will not be becoming a recurring theme.

[I’ve been watching Scrubs a lot lately, so my inner voice is now Dr. Cox… don’t take offence :) ]

The few half decent photos we managed are here. I realise now that I hadn’t tried my camera indoors since turning off the Quick Shutter feature, and I suspect it’s the key reason most of the shots were blurred beyond usefulness. I shall have to play around a bit more to suss it out. I guess I can’t have my cake (accurate colour) and eat it to.

I’m still a little disappointed I didn’t “splurge” the extra $50US or whatever it was to get the SD550. It’s known by some other name here in Australia, but whatever; it’s the camera that Bobo has, and while it’s now outdated (and thus now cheap) it does have those key advantages over mine; better lense & proper stabilisation.

But, ah well. One day when I’m rich and famous I’ll build my own camera from medical imaging CCDs; they go up to 90 megapixels easy. With a Leica lense, or somesuch. Whatever. ‘course, the results would still suck, as some guy called Ken Rockwell points out well enough; his website topped Google’s results searching for “what is the best SLR lense ever?”. He’s absolutely right, of course. But then, against his credit, he goes on about 35mm & digital being so useless, and 5″x7″ film really being where it’s at. Ahuh. That’d be great if I had a tank to mount my camera on.

I was watching some random show on the ABC last week sometime, which was about some Spanish photographers. They were basically talking about their art throughout the changes in technology. As one guy said, he uses a $100US crappy digital camera for all his work, which ranges from standard prints through magazine covers up to 3’x4′ posters. They showed some his work, and it really was good… it was sharp enough; you could see what he wanted you to see, and it’s in what you see that has the real value.

Still… there’s that new 30D just released… ;)

Hehe… at least now I can give Sket crap ’cause her camera is also obsolete. :D

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