Interest in our autonomous UAV

There’s been a surprising amount of interest from various 3rd parties in the autonomous UAV project Rob & I are undertaking this year. Today we learnt of yet another party that’s paying attention to us. Which is quite scary, really – Rob & I feel a bit that everyone’s taking it a lot more seriously than we’d expected, and perhaps than we’re comfortable with. Great expectations, and all that. It’s flattering of course, but we’ve really done so little thus far that it seems way too soon to be going down this road.

Nonetheless, the project’s coming along slowly. I’m still fighting with this silly FAT driver system, but I’m getting there; nearly at the point where general I/O works. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what needs to be done. But with ADD due next week and relatively little of it done, I don’t think the project’s going very far in that time.

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