Francisco has been away for the most of the last week or two… first in London for some conference, and currently down in L.A. at some wedding or somesuch. It’s been awesome – aside from this weekend where David & friends apparently didn’t sleep at all, it’s been perfectly quiet, and I’ve been getting decent sleep for the first time in some weeks.

Nonetheless the last two nights I experimented with earplugs, using the TV noise downstairs as a benchmark, but alas they don’t really do anything other than make my ears feel weird and slightly sore, after half a night with them in. I could certainly replace my bedroom door with an exterior one, and I have considered it amongst numerous other sound proofing options, but it really wouldn’t help the main issue, which is noise through the wall.

Alas, short of ripping off the plaster and redoing it, there doesn’t seem to be much I can do in the way of soundproofing that.

But, anyway, I’m enjoying the peace while it lasts, in any case.

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