Chris & Emily’s birthday lunch

On Sunday Chris & Emily had a birthday lunch thing at Jackie’s Place, or whatever it’s called… the Chinese restaurant chain owned by Jackie Chan, apparently. Although I didn’t see him there. Definitely won’t be going back.. pfft. ;)

Anyway, it was that whatever it’s called thing – yum cha or somesuch – where they don’t give you a real meal, just lots of meagre entrees. Really not my sort of thing… I spent most of the time being shoved violently by the servers as they continuously piled food onto the table. It was also extremely noisy and chaotic, which wasn’t good given I had a bit of a hang over from Darkzone the night before. But, it was good… I speared myself a few beef donut things, some noodles and had Chris dump ice on me. :)

This was in Doncaster Shoppingtown or whatever it’s called these days. After lunch, the restaurant pretty much kicked us out – we were the last people to leave – so we went to the food court in the shopping centre for coffee and what not. They don’t have any good ice cream places there. There’s the “Frozen Fantasies” place, but they don’t even have frozen yoghurt, despite the name, and their milkshakes were pretty damn mediocre.

Yes, I had a testing day. But it was good, still; it was good to see people.

Afterwards, I came back home and started working on RFS. I’d done a little over half of it by that point… all the trouble I’d had Saturday had meant I got absolutely nothing done then, so I was in a bit of a spot come Sunday evening. I got stuck into it, and worked on it all night. I finished it about 5am… printed it off and drove to uni to hand it in. And of course the place is locked. And I don’t have access to the CS areas… you know, after four and a half years, you’d think they’d get around to that. Apparently not. Anyway, after waiting for at least half an hour, the cleaners happened to come by and kindly let me in. They seemed quite lovely women, actually, the pair of them – both Spanish, I think, speaking in that kind of broken English ‘Spanglish’… very nice, anyway, letting me in. Some people in academia get real uptight about that sort of stuff.

‘course, by the time they’d let me in I’d already scoped the place out, and was very tempted to break in through the ceiling cavity… I’m almost sorry I didn’t; it would have been fun. :D

I think I’ve also figured out how to force the doors open… I didn’t have the right equipment with me at the time, but I’ll remember this for next time. Oh yes.

(no, I’m not talking physically force… they’re electronic locks, which means the forcing can be done much more subtly)

Anyway, once I got home, I watched the latest Doctor Who – I really like the new guy, David Tennant. He’s quite different from the previous doctors, even Christopher Eccleston. Although, he’s quite a… womaniser, to put it nicely for a G-rated audience… he definitely has a much darker side than first impression indicates, which is good, I guess; sooner or later they’ll delve into that. They sort of did in the latest episode, The Girl in the Fireplace.

After that, anyway, came sleep. I had a rather good sleep today. I like sleeping. :)

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