Bronwyn’s birthday

Last Wednesday was Bronwyn’s birthday. Kim was apparently going to organise a get-together for it, although that didn’t eventuate. I drove down, picking up Roxanne and later Sarah on the way. We went to Canadian Bay beach. We ran into a few familiar faces; Bobo, Rachel & Brownie, Becky & Rachel. It was kind of depressing… I’d sort of hoped that someone would figure out a way to make it into a celebratory thing. It is her birthday after all… I figure we should be happy for her. ‘course, there’s always the point that she’s not with us anymore to appreciate it.

Not a lot was said at the beach. It was quite a sudden change of mood; I hadn’t really seen Roxanne for years, so we were of course chatting all the way down. We stopped by Pop’s Cafe first for lunch, as well… and went to Safeways to get Jaffa’s and M&Ms. I’m not sure what any of us were expecting.

After being at the beach for a while, half an hour or so I guess, we left. Bobo joined us at CB’s for some drinks. We ended up staying there for hours… I think we left at close to six, maybe later. Sarah had to get back. That was a bit disappointing… I kind of hoped people would be doing something that night, but, apparently not. So, we left, and I went home.

It was a strange day, all in all. I’m really not sure what going to the beach was really going to do; there was nothing there that I needed; certainly I could reflect quietly to myself wherever. But it seemed fitting. Sentimentality at work, I suppose.

It was good to catch up with Roxanne, though. She’s been cooped up at home, given her limited mobility, for about a year now. I can certainly sympathise. I’ll have to drop by her place sometime and try to offload some of that chocolate porridge. ;)

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