So, I’m glad I did write down my thoughts before it went ahead. As expected, I managed to trick myself into having a good time anyway. ;)

I was exhausted, and especially after the first game really wasn’t giving it 100%, but it was definitely fun. It was pretty crazy – we were sharing with random other bookings, so it was just a free for all in all three games. It was pretty crazy – most of them were younger, smaller kids. Shifty little buggers, too – lots of camping. They weren’t too co-ordinated though, at least, not in the first game; we trounced them completely there. There was a change of shift in either our second or third game though… can’t recall.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I’ve got a few lumps on my head from running into stuff… they have really low-hanging pipes all over the place, for reasons I cannot fathom, which I clearly didn’t remember from last time.

And I think everyone else at least had a little fun. Sylvia did end up accompanying us, and seemed happy enough. Janette looked very much the part, with her head shaved. A number 2 she went for, which is really quite short (2/8ths of an inch, I presume). And she had a fair bit of fun, too, she conceded later. :)

We sort of paired up a bit, even though it was a free for all. Especially in the later two games, although I think that resulted in us doing worse, since we weren’t shooting as much. But I prefer the team-based approach. ‘course, it doesn’t work too well in the environment they have there; as usual, most people congregated around the top area, which is very open and pretty much impossible to fight tactically in. Still, we tried.

Afterwards, Chris & Sylvia buggered off, as they do :P, but everyone else came back to the Pancake Parlour. As expected, it was supérb.

Unfortunately, though, no one (other than Aidan & Travis, of course) ever came by our place, so my entire day’s efforts were lost. Not unexpected, sadly. So, Travis, Aidan & I devoured the frogs in ponds, which were very nice. The porridge is still in the fridge… I guess I’ll have to try it tonight, to see how it is. But it’s kinda scary. I’m worried that I might need to get my toolkit out of the car just to crack open it’s shell.

So, the morale of this story is not to ever worry about organising anything, or going to efforts making food & whatnot. I enjoyed myself sure, but I could have enjoyed myself just as much without all the hassle of trying to drag others in. I noticed they have special deals on Thursday and Friday nights; $12 for a single, one-hour long game. Good value, and undoubtedly good fun. I’ll definitely be going to that sometime… perhaps this week; I’ve mostly recovered from the weekend. I’ll be telling other people I’m going, but I’m not going to worry about who is or isn’t.

Although if I go this Thursday, I can probably get Chris to come along; I’ll be around at his place beforehand anyway helping Emily with her schoolwork… a dash of Darkzone after that much be just what the doctored ordered. :)

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