Bad with the good

So after all the crap with ADD last week, I needed a break. Saturday night I went down to Mt. Eliza, and over that night & Sunday caught up with my mum & dad, and my mum’s parents. My dad’s parents were apparently out Sunday, which happens a lot of course. :)

It was nice to both relax and catch up with people.

Monday I devoted to work (Apple work). I spent all day on it, and actually got a lot done, which I’m pretty happy with. Now that classes have finished and all that’s left really is exams, I finally have lots of free time to catch up on the rest of my life.

But working all day (by yourself), coding and whatnot, doesn’t put you in the most sociable mood. Or doesn’t for me, anyway. I was quite happy, don’t get me wrong, but then I wasn’t really in the mood for J.D.’s. But, I figured I’d get over it, so I went down anyway. I was first there, which is normal, although without anyone accompanying me, which isn’t, so I got a table and managed to lose to myself a few times before Scotty & Wig arrived within a short time of each other. We were playing for a little while before anyone else turned up.

It’s not worth noting – but I will anyway – that Kim was the fourth person there, and completely blew all three of us off when she arrived, ignoring us and walking straight past to some other table with other people she knew. Now, I know she doesn’t like me – she never has – but I was surprised to learn her animosity has plenty of room left for Wig & Scotty. It’s a shame.

She did come back over a little while later to say hi, but seemed to be just doing it out of politeness or somesuch; she quickly tired and left again.

Eventually everyone else rocked up. There were a few unusual faces there – Emma Haskins & presumed boyfriend, and Bobo & Gus (neither of whom have been sited at pool for months) – which was cool, but as I said, I wasn’t really in the right mood for it all, so mostly I just quietly lost lots of games of pool. And I really mean lost… I think I won perhaps one game out of maybe twenty that night… I technically won a few more because my opponents sunk the black, but that’s never a real victory. I thought my luck would improve with persistence, but then that’s never the case, and that night was no exception.

I left relatively early, wanting to get an early night for the next day, which was report writing time for ADD. But on the way back (to Preston) talking with Sarah brightened my mood a bit. We had to swing via my mum’s and hers to collect my stuff and some book of some sort, so really by the time we got to her place it was no early than any other Monday night. Whoops. She then had me pin down her cats, Monster & Mischief, so she could cut her claws. Prior to that, Monster really liked me – he kept trying to climb up me until I finally picked him up. Then he kept trying to shove his face in my armpit. He went quite quite mad, rubbing himself all over me excitedly. ‘course, he started getting the crazy eye from all the apparent excitement, and then started playing with his little tent thing. I must say, one could definitely be on Porsha’s Christmas present list; she’d love them.

Monster & Mischief (Missy) really are adorable. Brother & sister, both jet black… they’re gorgeous, and very very playful. I suppose they’re younger than Porsha, albeit already bigger, so the playfulness is to be expected.

Anyway, when I finally got home it was as late as normal, so I didn’t get nearly as much sleep as I’d like. But, it was actually a pretty good day, all round.

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