Pool, finally

Last weekend I finally went to the pool hall that’s right around the corner from me. First on Saturday night with Matt & Juni, then also Sunday with Gus, Julien, Pierre-Olivia (pompous French accent required for correct pronunciation ;) ). F2, Emily & cohort also rocked up. Sunday night was supposed to be for catching up with Julius, now that he’s back on this side of the world, but he had to cancel. We caught up for dinner Wednesday night – at Outback of all places :) – and we also watched Semi-Pro after that… but I digress..

The place itself is bigger than I expected inside, which makes little sense because it’s actually very big from the outside. They have about 30 tables or so, I’d guess. The tables are pretty good, though the cues are pretty terrible – mine Saturday night had such a crook in it, it’d probably have come back if I’d thrown it.

’twere good nights – it’s nice to do something a little more social than just watching a movie, but still casual. And they sell slices of [what is essentially] Chocolate Bavarian, too. Sweet. :D

[[ addendum: Semi-Pro was quite amusing in spots… Will Farrell mostly just annoys me, but in this one the cringe moments were far enough between that it was still enjoyable. And Woody Harrelson was a superb counterbalance ]]

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