10,000 B.C. + food

Last night I saw 10,000 B.C. with F1 and Matt. I decided I wanted to see it in any case, so I sent word out. I couldn’t convince Ross, though – he simply has terrible taste in movies. :P

In a nutshell, it wasn’t bad. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, and it had some annoyances – like the tiresome narration and whole prophecy crap – but was otherwise well enough done.

After that we hit T.G.I. Friday’s for food, and Ross & Tom also come out for that. It was good to seem them all again – it’s been a couple of weeks, at least. They’re still living like hermits in their living room, though Tom’s been upgraded from the couch to an inflatable mattress – clearly things are on the up and up. ;)

It’s kind odd how some places – like T.G.I.s and the pool hall, are actually open at night – ’till at least 2am and 4am respectively, on weekends. That in contrast with the rest of the place, which is very sleepy. I still maintain my theory that there’s secret underground all-night parties going on, and I just need to crack the right social circles. :)

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