Forms only a mother could love

Tax time… grrr… I won’t bore the rest of the world – or myself – with the details, but the “How do you compare with everyone else?” bit at the end of H&R Block’s TaxCut process is somewhat interesting.

I earned more than average (yay!), and made an entire $44 interest last year! Unfortunately, average interest is $1,618. Everyone else also gets, apparently, on average $2,774 in dividends, $23,769 in pensions and annuities, and $3,932 in unemployment compensation. Apparently I’m getting screwed. ;)

I thought I paid a lot for very little medical care last year… because I did. A whole lot. It’s complete B.S. But apparently I’m still a good $4,000 short of the average in terms of annual medical expenses. Eep.

I’m also on paper a stingy, self-centred tight-arse because I officially made no charitable donations last year, versus the average of $2,835. (in reality I donated about US$1,000, which is still piss-poor, but it’s a start at least)

I’m also apparently screwing myself with my lack of effort in recording the most minute minutiae of my life… I couldn’t be bothered figuring out how to deduct certain things, or dig up the necessary info to do so (moving expense is a big one – they were a tad over $12,000, but all I have is the grand total, which means I can’t claim any of it because their forms require a breakdown I don’t know. :( But then, since those weren’t my out-of-pocket expenses anyway, I’m not sure they’re deductible anyway… :/ ).

However, I consider that more than offset by the fact that thus far, for the 2007 financial year, I’ve spent all of five hours in tax-related work. I’ve used the time that leaves available to, you know, live.

The upside at the end of all this is that I apparently will get a nice fat refund, from the Federal government at least. If that little innocuous number at the top of the window actually appears on a real cheque, Eurotrip will be given an unequivocal green light.

That is, unless the State takes it all away… let’s see… nope, refund there too. Though they have the option of including a donation to charity on the return, so, I’ve exercised that. $594 to save endangered flora, fauna, and Californian sea otters. :)

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