Stupid frequent flyer programs

Grrr… I’ve just poked at Qantas’ Frequent Flyer program, and it seems I’d earn a good 17,000 points for each return trip to San Francisco I’ve done. That’s enough for a return flight to Sydney, each time. Or a good portion of a return flight to, say, the Whitsundays.

‘course, I’m pretty sure my dad thieved off with the points from the first trip, since it went on his credit card. :P

Still… I probably should have signed up and flown with Qantas over summer… I would have earned a nifty free holiday, and avoided the dynamic disaster that is Hawaiian Airlines. But nonetheless, 3rd times a charm; I’ll definitely be signing up when I fly to WWDC in August.

And to add insult to injury, if I’d not been cheap and gotten a credit card that earned reward points (an extra whole $30 a year) I would have earned enough by now for at least that return flight to Sydney. Gah!

Stupid points programs.

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