Small, nay tiny world

So, how’s this for bizarre – Stefan was working over last summer in Las Vegas. Yes, just a few hours away across one measly little border from where I was.

He was working at a casino, in fact, although not as a high-rolling blackjack dealer; some kind of secretarial work or somesuch. It was a working holiday, apparently, with a few friends. Although, like Brett, Ashley & myself, they didn’t do nearly enough touring. He did visit New York and Dallas, both being on the way home, more or less, for him. He apparently wasn’t too impressed by New York; they were there for 24 hours, and as soon as he got home he had a shower. :)

Pity we didn’t know about each-others travels; we most certainly would have caught up with each other. Damn.

This was actually, ironically, prompted by me talking about air fares to Johannesburg. I was prodding the Qantas website looking at San Francisco return, and thought I’d just see what it’d cost to go the other way and swing by Johannesburg (long story short, way too much).

I’m looking forward to going back to San Francisco. I’d like to catch up with a lot of people there – both from work and others, like Simon & his crew (yes, particularly Bronwyn :D ). I can’t be too greedy on my stay there, since I’ll be missing uni to be there, and the AUC of course don’t cover personal expenses like extended hotel stays, but still… I’m sure I can fit in a couple of days somewhere. It’d be good to have another day in San Francisco as well, just to build up all those blisters again. ;)

Actually, I’m determined to actually make it to Golden Gate Park this time, too. :)

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