Stevens Creek Park Ride

So today I went for a ride, given how nice the weather was, up to Stevens Creek Park. I had intended on doing the circuit up along the reservoir and back down, coming back down into the valley at the bottom, near Saratoga… but I got distracted half way and decided to check out the bike trail through the park. It was a pretty cool ride, although I use the word “ride” somewhat optimistically… I spent a fair bit of time pushing my bike up the hills. :)

So, the photos are here. They’re more of the same for the most part, from what I’ve previously taken from that area. The weather was a little clearer than my last set, but that’s about all.

I couldn’t convince Brett or Ashley to come with me. I don’t think they got up to much today – they did go shopping, although they didn’t buy much. Other than that, I think Brett’s added a few levels to some of his World of Warcraft characters, and Ashley…. well, he’s done more of whatever it is he does. Added some new exceptions to his latest program or somesuch.

And sorry, no traced map this time… it’d be a nightmare to try and follow the winding paths I took through the park. Suffice to say, I rode up to the reservoir via the normal route, and ended up popping out just east of the reservoir, on Prospect Road, which leads back up to Stelling road. It wasn’t an especially long ride – maybe 20km at the most – but as mentioned it was a relatively tough one. Still, it was a lot easier than last time… my time at the gym is definitely paying off, slowly.

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