Bike fixed and broken again

Thursday before last I finally got my bike back. No fault of theirs – it was probably fixed weeks ago – I just hadn’t been able to get to the bike store during their open hours. Anyway, they’d even managed to find a hanger for the derailer, so that was fixed as well. Cool. :)

And thus I was able to ride to work again, which is great because it saves me a good hour each day.

Unfortunately, when I went to ride my bike Friday morning, I found that the front tire was completely flat. As in, making squishy fart noises and spread like a pancake. Figures.

And I was in a real hurry at the time, so it just seemed the perfect example of the universe conspiring against me.

I haven’t taken it back to the bike shop yet… probably will tomorrow. I don’t think it’s anything more than a simple puncture, so hopefully they can fix it on the spot and it’ll all be good again.

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