810 photos to go

I am working slowly through my New Zealand photos, believe it or not. Only 810 to go, now… sooo many. And the scenic ones sometimes take ages, because I have to spend all evening in Google Earth trying to figure out what the heck I’ve photographed. I’ve been mostly successful thus far, though, and it is an interesting bit of detective work. Not very efficient, though… I’ve been eyeing the new Casios and Canons as they’ve been released over the last year or so, and while they’re really really nice, I think I might draw a line… I’m not going to buy another camera until I find one that I want otherwise that also has a GPS receiver built-in. And a magnetometre. I’d love to be able to geotag all my New Zealand photos, but that’d take even longer than just figuring out what they are, whereas it should be automagic.

One day, anyway. Hopefully not too far off.

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