New Zealand photos all done

I’ve finally finished uploading all my New Zealand photos. All 1,970 of them. I’m working on organising them into some sort of hierarchy or whatever, but they’re all ready for perusal right now.

I was up until 2am last night working on the last few, the ones from the plane flight around Mount Cook. Eventually, using a combination of Google, Google Earth and presumptuous logic, I managed to sort out what was what. For the most part – a lot of the minor glaciers and valleys don’t have names that I could find, so they’re listed as unknown… but I’m confident that at least those things I have named are correct.

I reflected while I was doing this how Google Earth is really the critical enabler for this. Without it, I wouldn’t have a clue what the names of many things are, or even where many photos were taken. General googling and so forth just don’t cut it. So as frustrating as Google Earth is as an application, and for it’s lack of data (hello? would it kill you to have real elevation data?), it’s still revolutionary for this purpose.

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