I hate mountains

I’m soooo close to finishing my New Zealand photos. But I’ve become stuck on the photos from around the Southern Alps (Mount Cook et al.). I’m having a real hard time identifying the mountains and glaciers. There must be a bajillion other photos exactly like mine out there, but I just can’t seem to find good references. I’ve been pushing the meek limits of Google Earth trying to piece together bits of the puzzle. I’ve had some luck with that, but, it’s terribly slow.

I have found a few mistakes in my naming of things, as well, as I’ve been going back and forth… I should proof-check everything before I go and upload them, but… nah.

Also, I was nearly hit by three separate cars on the way home from work today. The first missed me only because she slammed on the brakes at the last second. That didn’t phase me too much – you get that. After the third recurrence, though, I started wondering if it was safe for me to be outside today.. :/

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